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About ScotCrest

As a Scottish manufacturer we are proud of our traditions and the quality of our workmanship using skills developed over the last 30 years by our woodworking craftsmen and leading heraldic artists. Our products are unsurpassed in both quality and authenticity and guaranteed to stimulate interest amongst all generations now and in the future.

The ScotCrest team have a wealth of experience and knowledge of Celtic Heraldry and we pride ourselves in our ability to offer the complete range of Scottish Clan Crests including all associated spelling and Sept names. Having taken many years to establish, in 1995 our unique designs received the approval of the Standing Council of Scottish Clan Chiefs. We can also produce clan plaques with Irish names and bespoke designs to order.

Our Products


All Scotcrest products are produced to the highest standard and the team take great pride in every stage of the process.

Our attention to detail coupled with our authentic approach in creating our unique Clan Crest designs received approval from the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs many years ago.


Each piece is finished by hand for each customer order.

Every product is continually inspected for quality, enabling us to guarantee each piece meets our exacting standards, before being packaged for the customer.


ScotCrest prides itself on the highest standards we have set ourselves. Others only follow.


Our products are used and appreciated by a large variety of individual collectors, societies and organisations throughout the world and will last a lifetime.

Whisky Barrels

Our ten year old Speyside malt whisky is really something special. It is a fine example of skills going back centuries, generation after generation.

We could recommend it on quality alone but we have gone even further.

Something else has been handed down from generation to generation - our unique claim to belong - to be Scottish, to wear a tartan, to have a clan.

We have 'blended' these two proud traditions into one by labelling this excellent whisky with the clan crest and tartan of your choice and offer it to you as a very special purchase.

Upon receipt of confirmed order we aim to despatch all 'special orders' within 2-3 weeks. If we are unable to despatch within this time we will notify you before confirming the order.

We offer direct supply via our stockholding retail outlets and offer an individual postal service to all worldwide customers.


We only manufacture pieces specific to each customers order.

We are able to offer ANY Scottish Name, personal spelling or Sept itís own Clan Crest associated with it tailored to the individual familyís spelling, e.g. 'Mc' or 'Mac' as required, Johnston(e), Thomson or Thompson etc.

Find out if your name is descended from one of the Scottish Clans here »

Don't worry if you don't have an 'official' Scottish connection. We can offer our 'Personal' Thistle, Lion Rampant or Royal Order design, incorporating any text with up to 12 characters within the scroll, an ideal personalised Scottish gift showing affiliation to Scotland.

There are also a few generic tartans which you can use - view all Generic Tartans »

We are always available and happy to help match names to Clans or answer any questions, please feel free to call us at the workshop to discuss any of your customers requirements.

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