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Clan Campbell of Argyll

Septs: Ballantine Ballantyne Bannatyne Barnes Burnes Burness Campbell Connochie Conochie Denoon Denune Donachie Donaghy Fisher Hawes Haws Hawson Isaac Isaacs Iverson Kellar Keller Kissack Kissock Lorne Louden Loudon Lowden Lowdon Maccolm Maccombe Macconachie Macconchie Macconnechy Maccure Macdermid Macdermont Macdonachie Macellar Macelvie Maceur Macever Macgibbon Macglasrich Macgubbin Macisaac Mackellar Mackelvie Mackerlich Mackerlie Mackessack Mackessock Mackissock Maclaws Maclehose Macliver Macniven Macnocaird Maconachie Macoran Macphedran Macquaker Mactause Macure Macvicar Ochiltree Orr Pinkerton Taweson Tawse Ure


Translation: FORGET NOT

Crest: A boar's head, fesswise, couped, Or

Campbell Ancient

Campbell Ancient

Campbell Argyll

Campbell Argyll

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