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Clan Fraser

Septs: Abernethy Bisset Bissett Brewster Cowie Frazer Freser Frezel Frisell Frizelle Gilruth Grewar Gruar Gruer MacGrewar MacGruer MacIllrick MacIlriach MacImmey MacKim MacKimmie MacSimon MacSymon MacTavish Oliver Sim Sime Simon Simons Simpson Sims Simson Sym Syme Symon Symons Twaddle Tweeddale Tweedie


Translation: I AM READY

Crest: A buck's head, erased, Or tyned Argent

This Norman family first settled in Tweeddale under Malcolm Canmore to become the chief power in Peebleshire throughout the 12th and 13th century. The Fraser clan have played a full part in history, not only in Scotland. For his Jacobite activities, Simon Fraser (Lord Lovat) was beheaded after Culloden at the age of eighty; and a later namesake explored the Fraser river of Canada.

Fraser Hunting

Fraser Hunting

Fraser Old Modern

Fraser Old Modern

Fraser Red

Fraser Red

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