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Clan MacDonald

Septs: Alastair Alexander Allister Ballach Balloch Beath Bethune Budge Buie Bulloch Cambridge Cathal Cathil Coll Colson Conn Connal Connell Cook Cooke Coull Coulson Cririe Cromb Crombie Croom Crum Daniel Daniels Darrach Darroch Donald Donaldson Donnell Drain Dunnel Forrest Forrester Foster Gall Galt Gaul Gauld Gault Gilbride Gill Gorrie Gorry Gowan Gowans Hawthorn Henry Heron Hewison Houston Houstoun Howat Howe Howie Howison Hudson Hughes Hutcheon Hutcheson Hutchin Hutchinson Hutchison Hutchon Hutson Isles Jeffrey Keegan Keighren Kelly Kinnell Leitch Macbrayne Macbride Macbryde Maccaa Maccairn Maccambridge Maccarron Maccaw Maccay Maccluskie Maccodrum Maccoll MacConnal Macconnell Maccooish Maccook Maccosham Maccrain Maccran Maccririe Maccrorie Maccrum Maccuaig Maccuish Maccuithein Maccutchen Maccutcheon Macdaniell Macdrain Maceachern Maceachran Macelfrish Macelheran Macgaa Macgaw Macgeachy Macgechie Macgee Macghee Macghie Macgill Macgorrie Macgorry Macgoun Macgow Macgowan Macgown Macgrain Machugh Machutchen Machutcheon Macillrick Macilreach Macilrevie Macilriach Macilwraith Macilwrick Mackay Mackeachie Mackee Mackeithan Mackellaig Mackelloch Mackerron Mackiggan Mackinnell Maclairish Maclardy Maclarty Maclaverty Macleverty Macmurchie Macmurchy Macmurdo Macmurdoch Maco'shannaig Macquilkan Macquistan Macquisten Macraith Macrearie Macrorie Macrory Macruer Macrury Macryrie Macsorley Macsporran Macswan Macsween Macwhan Macwhannell Mark Marquis Martin May Murchie Murchison Murdoch Murdoson Murphy O'May Paton Patten Peden Purcell Reoch Revie Riach Roderick Rorie Rorison Ryrie Shannon Shennan Sorley Sorlie Sporran Train Whannel Wheelan Whellan Wilkie Wilkinson


Translation: BY SEA AND BY LAND

Crest: Out of a coronet a hand in armour fessways, holding by its point a cross crosslet fitchee, Gules.

MacDonald Ancient

MacDonald Ancient

MacDonald Modern

MacDonald Modern

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