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Clan MacFarlane

Septs: Allan Allanach Allanson Allen Bartholomew Bartie Bartleman Bartlet Bartlett Barty Bryce Callander Cunnison Galloway Kennieson Leaper Leipper Macaindra Macallan Maccause Maccondach Maccondy Macerracher Macfarlan Macgeoch Macgreusich Macgurk Macinstalker Macjames Macnair Macneur Macnider Macniter Macnuir Macparland Macparlane Macpharlan Macrob Macrobb Macwalter Macwilliam Millar Miller Monach Munnoch Munnock Parlan Parlane Robb Spreull Sproul Stalker Thomason Weaver Webster Wylie Wyllie


Translation: THIS I' LL DEFEND

Crest: A demi savage holding in dexterhand a sword and in sinister an imperial crown, all Proper.

MacFarlane Hunting Modern

MacFarlane Hunting Modern

MacFarlane Hunting OC

MacFarlane Hunting OC

MacFarlane Modern

MacFarlane Modern

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Leather Key Fob
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Balmoral Mug
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Coat of Arms Plaque
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