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Speyside Single Malt (UK only)

£42.49 GBP (£35.41 ex VAT)

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This ten year-old Speyside Malt Whisky is really something special.

It is a fine example of skills going back centuries. We could recommend it on quality alone however, we have gone even further. Something else has been handed down from generation to generation - our unique claim to belong - to be Scottish to wear a tartan, to have a clan. ScotCrest has blended these proud traditions into one by labelling this excellent whisky with the clan crest and tartan of your choice and offer it to you as a very personal purchase, or we can send it to a friend on your behalf as a very special Gift.

All Scottish clans are available with the name and spelling of your choice. Indeed, we can even supply the Flower of Scotland crest for those who aspire to be Scots! Each bottle is packed in a strong styrene container ensuring a safe journey world-wide.

Clan Whisky orders can be dispatched within 5 days.

PLEASE NOTE Due to local customs restrictions in different countries we are unable to deliver whisky products outwith the UK.



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