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Drummond Castle, Perthshire – Clan Drummond

Drummond Castle Gardens

Perhaps more famous for its extensive gardens, Drummond Castle remains a gem of the Scottish countryside and has been used as a filming location in the popular TV series ‘Outlander’.

The land upon which the castle was built was originally given to Sir Malcolm Drummond in 1314 following his distinguished contribution to the famous Scottish victory at the Battle of Bannockburn. However, the castle which currently resides there wasn’t actually constructed until almost 200 years later.

It would be in the 1490s that the structure would eventually begin to be built by John, 1st Lord Drummond and soon after it would be visited by King James IV in order to see Margaret  John’s Daughter, Margaret.

It is said that James and Margaret married in secret and to allow James to marry a more ‘suitable’ partner, Margaret and her two sisters were murdered at the Castle in 1501 by Scottish nobles with poisoned fruit. The couple would, however, be survived by a daughter, also called Margaret, who would go on to marry into the Gordons of Huntly and eventually give birth to the future 4th Earl of Huntly.

The Drummonds would receive a further royal visit in 1566 when Mary, Queen of Scots, would stay before the castle was badly damaged a century later by Oliver Cromwell in the 1650s. The Drummond family would later forfeit the castle following their support for the Jacobite cause during the uprisings of 1715 and 1745, however, it would receive a further royal visit by Queen Victoria in 1842 when under new ownership.

Today, the castle is more famous for its stunning gardens which are said to be ‘the best example of formal terraced gardens in Scotland.” The gardens were originally built in the 1630s, although it was in the 19th century that they were restructured in the layout that can be seen today. They are designed in the same style as a renaissance garden and include a selection of terraces, statues, urns and fountains.

Such is the beauty of the gardens at Drummond Castle, that they have been featured in the filming of numerous productions including the 1995 film ‘Rob Roy‘ and as the Palace of Versailles in the second series of the cult TV series ‘Outlander’.

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