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Clan Seats of Scotland – Clan Gordon – Scotcrest Blog

Huntly Castle, Aberdeenshire – Clan Gordon

huntly castle clan gordon

Still showing the battle scars of 700 years of conflict, the imposing ruins of Huntly Castle remain an iconic Aberdeenshire landmark to this day.

Originally built by the Earls of Fife towards the end of the 12th century, it would be in the 1300s that the castle would come under the rule of it’s most famous owners – the Gordons.

The building itself would be constructed in a number of stages with the original castle on the site now only distinguishable as a grassy mound. The stately palace, however, which started construction around the year 1450 under the orders of the Earl of Huntly, would go on to form the basis of the now-iconic structure we see today. From here, the fortress would be expanded even further with extensive re-modelling in the 1550s and the 1600s which added many of the castle’s iconic features including it’s ‘great round tower’ and rectangular turret.

Sadly, this would be the castle’s heyday as it would then fall into a state of disrepair with predatory house builders using the castle as a source of materials for their own construction projects in the centuries to come following it’s last major use during the first Jacobite Uprising in the 1680s.

It would continue to be controlled by Gordons until 1923 and is now under the control of Historic environment Scotland as a protected monument. The Castle is now a popular visitor attraction and it’s ruins are often visited by interested passers-by and historians with a particular curiosity for Scottish history.

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