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Clan Seats of Scotland – Clan Kirkpatrick – Closeburn Castle – Scotcrest Blog

Closeburn Castle, Dumfries and Galloway – Clan Kirkpatrick

closeburn castle - clan kirkpatrick

Known as one of the oldest continuously inhabited buildings in Scotland, Closeburn Castle is the former clan seat and stronghold of the historic Clan Kirkpatrick.

Originally built by the Kirkpatrick family after they were granted the lands surrounding the castle in 1232, Closeburn would finally be constructed in its current form during the 14th century after it was built on a high piece of land surrounded by a drained loch.

By this point in history, the Kirkpatrick family were already well respected within the Scottish nobility and their clan chief, Sir Rodger Kirkpatrick, had accompanied Robert the Bruce during the infamous killing of his rival, John Comyn, in 1306. Roger would later capture the castles of Dalswinton and Caerlaverock from the English in 1355 before being murdered after a quarrel with Sir James Lindsay in 1357

After this unfortunate event, the history of the Kirpatricks in Dumfries and Galloway remains rather quiet until the year 1672 when Thomas Kirkpatrick of Closeburn was involved in a ratification stating that he was the owner of the property at Closeburn. The family would then be made Barotets of Nova Scotia 13 years later before the castle was damaged following a fire in 1748.

In the years succeeding the fire, the family would sell Closeburn to Reverend James Stewart-Menteith before it was passed to the Bairds in 1852. It remains occupied to this day and was purchased back by a branch of the Kirkpatrick family in 1981 when Luis Kirkpatrick gained control of the tower. Today, it is still under the family’s ownership and is the home of Luis’ son, Patrick. It can be rented out as holiday accommodation and would be the perfect holiday accommodation for any Kirkpatrick looking to pay a visit to their ancestral home.