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Glamis Castle, Glamis, Angus – Clan Lyon

Glamis Castle

Situated in the valley of Strathmore, south of the towering Grampian Mountains and west of the expansive North Sea, Glamis Castle is an imposing structure with a storied history.

Even before a castle was first constructed on the site, it was a place shrouded in controversy with legend stating that Malcolm II, King of Scotland, was murdered at Glamis in 1034. Not a lot is known about the area at the time, but it is believed that the King died fighting bandits while staying at a hunting lodge.

By the reign of King Robert II in 1372, a castle had been constructed in the area which was granted to Sir John Lyon and would remain in the family’s hands until the present day.

This would not be the castle in its current state, however, and construction of the present building would not begin until the 17th century when Patrick Lyon, 9th Lord Glamis, started to build the modern castle and inscribed his name on the central tower.

The castle would be completed over the course of the rest of the century and is thought to have been designed by the English architect Inigo Jones or the King’s master mason at the time, William Schaw.

Later, at the beginning of the 20th century, Glamis would once again be home to royalty, although this time seeing the birth of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, who would go on to spend a large portion of her childhood in the castle.

Glamis has also appeared in popular culture as the home of Macbeth in Shakespeare’s famous tragedy of the same name and on the back of the Royal Bank of Scotland five pound note since 1987.