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Clan Seats of Scotland – Clan Macleod – Scotcrest Blog

Dunvegan  Castle, Skye – Clan Macleod

Dunvegan Castle Entrance

Situated on the north-western corner of the beautiful Isle of Skye, Dunvegan Castle is the oldest continuously-inhabited castle in the Scottish highlands – with the Macleod clan residing there for over 800 years.

Indeed, an even older piece of history resides inside the castle in the form of the 4th-century banner, ‘the Fairy Flag’, a piece of fabric believed to have originated in either Syria or Rhodes which was possibly transported back to the Scottish Highlands during to the crusades.

This artefact, along with the Dunvegan Cup (a 15th-century ceremonial wooden cup) and Sir Roy Mor’s Horn (a drinking horn possibly from the 10th century) makes up a trio of ancient relics located at the castle that help to reinforce its reputation as one of the great historic sites of Scotland.

The Castle itself was built in stages from the 13th century onwards. However, it was given a total remodelling in the early 1800s which it retains today in the form of its striking outer medieval shell.