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Udny Castle, Aberdeenshire – Clan Udny

Udny Castle - Clan Udny

Standing tall in the Aberdeenshire countryside, Udny Castle is the historic seat of the Udny Clan, one of Scotland’s lesser-known families.

The castle is a lasting monument to the family’s influence in the area and is thought to have been constructed around the start of the 15th century. It would take around 300 years for the structure to eventually be completed and it is said that by the time it was finished, the project had almost bankrupted the family with the building said to have ‘ruined’ three consecutive lairds.

The castle would be abandoned by the Udnys in 1634 as they moved to the nearby Knockhall Castle before returning after a fire burned down that particular building. The family would leave once more in 1775 before returning again to build a large baronial mansion that would be added to the side of the structure and subsequently demolished in the 1960s.

It is believed that the tower is still occupied by descendants of the Udny family and it remains in a good condition to this day. The castle can be seen for miles away due to its raised position and has been designated by Historic Scotland as a Category A listed building.

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