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Clan Seats of Scotland – Dalhousie Castle – Clan Ramsay – Scotcrest Blog

Dalhousie Castle, Midlothian – Clan Ramsay

dalhouse castle clan ramsay

Originally given to the Ramsay family during the 13th century, Dalhousie Castle would remain under the ownership of the clan until the year 1900.

In fact, the Ramsay’s association with Dalhousie is so long, the first castle built on the land is thought to have been constructed by the clan’s founder, Simundus de Ramesie.

Starting from humble beginnings, Dalhousie would remain under the Ramsay’s control throughout a tumultuous period in the history of Scotland with clan chiefs becoming involved in significant moments of Scottish history including the signing of the infamous ‘Ragman Roll’ of 1296 and the important ‘Declaration fo Arbroath in 1320.

Throughout this time, the castle is believed to have remained intact, although it did briefly become involved in the Scottish War of Independence when Edward I of England stayed there briefly on his way to fight the forces of William Wallace at the Battle of Falkirk in 1398. The castle would not get off so lightly in 1400, however, when Henry IV would unsuccessfully attempt to take the structure from the Ramsays during a siege which lasted 6 months.

After defeating the siege, Dalhousie would then enjoy a brief period of repite as its next notable moment would not arrive until the remodelling of the structure during the 17th century, a moment which was unfortunately followed by the besiegement and capture of the building by the forces of Olliver Cromwell in 1650 as he used it as his base for an invasion of Scotland.

Cromwell would eventually be defeated and the castle’s sole ownership returned to the Ramsays as they stayed in the building until their eventual move to Brechin Castle in 1900. Despite this, the castle would remain in a good state and would then briefly be used as a school before being bought over to be ran as a hotel in 1974. Today, it remains a hotel and is a popular wedding venue for many a happy Scottish couple.