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Clan Seats of Scotland – Gardyne Castle – Clan Gardyne

Gardyne Castle, Angus – Clan Gardyne

gardyne castle - clan gardyne

Originally constructed during the 16th century, Gardyne Castle is the traditional seat of the Gardyne Clan, located in Angus.

Built as an extension to a tower that had sat on the land since 1468, the castle was constructed in its current form 100 years later as it was extended to almost double the original size. Built by the Gardynes, the castle would not spend a lot of time under their control as it would be confiscated by the crown following a serious feud with their rivals, the Guthries.

Never to be ruled under Gardyne control again, the castle would eventually pass to the Lyells of Dysart – who would control the structure until the middle of the 20th century. During that time, they would expand the castle over the course of two spells in 1740 and 1910, with the latter work carried out under the control of the famous architect, Harold Tarbolton, bringing electricity to the medieval structure for the first time.

Today, the castle remains a private home and was renovated again at the beginning of the 21st-century to turn it into a home fit for the present day. Its beautiful gardens can still be visited by the general public at selected times throughout the year and have also recently been re-developed by the family in control of the castle to create a fantastic outdoor space that is ready to explore.

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