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Clan Seats of Scotland – Tulloch Castle – Clan Davidson

Tulloch Castle, Dingwall – Clan Davidson

tulloch castle clan davidson

Now used as a luxury hotel in the beautiful highland countryside, Tulloch Castle was once the historic home of the influential Davidson Clan.

Constructed around the middle of the 16th century, the castle is believed to have been built in an area previously occupied by a Norse stronghold. It was originally held by the Tulloch family but would pass under the control of the Innes Clan in 1526 and then the Bain family 16 years later.

It would be the Bain family who would construct the modern castle at Tulloch after they received a charter for the lands in 1542. The family would then retain control of the structure for over 200 years until it was sold to Henry Davidson in 1762, the cousin of the previous holder. Davidson would eventually pass the castle to his younger brother, Duncan Davidson, in 1781. Duncan would serve as an MP for Cromatyshire during this time and would cement his family’s association with the castle through his influence over the area.

The Davidsons would hold the traditional stronghold until the beginning of the 20th century as it survived a fire and was then extended in size during their ownership. During the subsequent years, the building would have a number of different owners including Dingwall Academy – who used the building as housing for their students. The lands and houses built within the castle grounds would eventually be sold off during the 1990s and it has been used as a luxury hotel ever since.

Tulloch Castle is also said to be haunted by a ‘Green Lady’ and other ghosts who roam within its walls. This claim was investigated by Grampian Television in 2005 as they explored the castle during the show ‘Beyond Explanation’. The myth was given further publicity when a young photographer apparently took a photograph of a ‘hand’ holding a railing with an apparition floating behind it in 2008.

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