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Anderson Clan

Meaning, ‘the son of Andrew’, the beginnings of the Anderson name are hard to pin down due to the patronymic naming system in Scotland leading to numerous different origins across the nation.

Therefore, despite there being records of the name being used as far back as the thirteenth century, the known history of the clan does not begin in earnest until the 15th and even then, there are many strands of the name, particularly in the northeast and the Scottish lowlands.

While Anderson families flourished across the country in the years before, it was not until 1953 that a sole Anderson peerage was created for the civil servant and politician John Anderson, Viscount Waverley. Born in Edinburgh, Anderson played a key role in Churchill’s wartime administration and held the roles of Home Secretary, Lord President of the Council and Chancellor of the Exchequer. Anderson even gave his name to the Anderson Shelter, a protective shelter commonly found around Britain during the war to offer protection from countless air raids suffered.

In the modern-day, Clan Anderson benefits from an active clan society in North America and the Anderson association in the UK.

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Translation: STAND SURE
Crest: An oak tree, Proper.
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Anderson Ancient

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