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Arbuthnott Clan

The Arbuthnott clan derives its name from ancient lands of the same name in Kincardinshire and is believed to roughly translate as, “meeting of the small stream with the river.’

This land is still in the possession of the modern Arbuthnott clan and has been for the last 24 generations. It is believed to have been given to Hugh, possibly of the noble family of Swinton, after his marriage to the daughter of Osbert Olifard, known as ‘The Crusader’, during the reign of William the Lion (1165-1214).

The modern-day clan chief of the is Keith Arbuthnott, 17th Viscount of Arbuthnott. He assumed the role in 2012 and sits at the seat of the clan, Arbuthnott House, in the historic county of Kincardineshire.


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Septs: Arbuthnott
Translation: PRAISE TO GOD
Crest: A peacock's head couped at the neck, Proper.
scottish arbuthnott ancient tartan

Arbuthnott Ancient