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Brodie Clan

The Brodie family takes its name from the lands of Brodie near Forres in Morayshire.

The first recorded mention of the family comes in the form of Michael Brodie of Brodie who received a charter of confirmation of his lands from Robert the Bruce in the early 14th century. However, most of the family’s early charters were destroyed when their clan seat, Brodie Castle,  was burned by the Gordons in 1645 and family may be able to trace its origins back to the Pictish people who inhabited the east and north of Scotland until the 10th century.

Today, the present clan chief is Alexander Brodie. However, while the historic seat of the clan Brodie Castle remains in Moray, it is now under the control of the National Trust of Scotland after the family placed it under their care to protect it for future generations.

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Motto: UNITE
Translation: UNITE
Crest: A right hand holding a bunch of arrows all Proper.
scottish brodie hunting ancient tartan

Brodie Hunting Ancient

scottish brodie hunting modern tartan

Brodie Hunting Modern

scottish brodie modern tartan

Brodie Modern