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Colville Clan

Believed to have originated in Normandy, the Colville name is likely derived from the town of Colvile between Caen and Bayeux de Colville.

The first mention of the Colville name in Scotland can be traced to a meeting where Phillip de Colville was witness to a charter by King Malcolm IV in Dunfermline – likely before 1159. Phillip would later be granted baronies in Roxburghshire and Ayrshire.

The Colville family would go on to build a castle at Kinnard, their traditional clan seat. However, in 1449, following the killing of John Auchinleck – a favourite of Lord Douglas – by Sir Richard Colville, all the lands of Colville were besieged as retribution and the castle taken by the Douglas clan.

The Colvilles would then rebuild their seat further away from the Auchinlecks for obvious reasons and settled at Culross House.

The current clan chief is Charles Colville, 5th Viscount Colville of Culross – a current member of the House of Lords.

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Translation: I CAN NOT FORGET
Crest: A hind's headed couped at the neck, Argent.
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