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Durie Clan

First appearing in the 1260s, the origin of the Durie name is unknown although it is thought to be related to ‘black water’ and the rich coal streams of Fife.

The family would soon become prominent in the region and appeared on various important charters throughout the 13th and 14th century and settled at Craigluscar, near Dunfermline. A house was built there around 1520 and bears the initials of George Durie and his wife, Margaret Bruce. The family would also hold Burntisland Castle, the most extensive of their properties, which was built in the 14th century. However, this was confiscated by the crown during the Scottish reformation.

The Duries have only recently managed to recognise a chief after remaining without one for several years. This barren period was ended in 1988 when Raymond Durie of Durie was recognised by the Lord Lyon. The present chief is Andrew Durie of Durie, CBE.

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Septs: DURIE
Translation: I TRUST
Crest: A crescent, Or.
scottish durie tartan