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Fletcher Clan

Derived from the French word for arrow maker, the name was so common across Scotland that it became used in Gaelic as fleisdear. The main branches of the family were the Fletchers of Saltoun and Innerpeffer.

One person of note to have taken the Fletcher name was Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun, ‘the patriot’, who was among the fiercest opponents of union with England in 1707 and a man politically ahead of his time in many aspects (regardless of his opinion on union). Fletcher was an extremely outspoken man and was quoted on his deathbed in 1715 as saying, ‘Lord have mercy on my poor country, that is so barbarously oppressed.’

Later generations of his family would continue to enlarge his family seat at Saltoun Hall in East Lothian. It survives today but was sold by the family in the 1960s.

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Septs: Fletcher
Crest: A demi bloodbound Azure, langued Gules, gorged with a ducal crown.
scottish fletcher modern tartan

Fletcher Modern

scottish fletcher of dunans ancient tartan

Fletcher of Dundas Ancient