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Fraser of Saltoun Clan

Likely originating from the province of Anjou in north-western France, the Fraser name is possibly derived from a tribe called Friselii in Roman Gaul.

The clan are first mentioned in Scotland in 1160 when a Simon Fraser held lands at Keith in East Lothian and later generations of the family would go on to fight alongside Robert the Bruce during the Scottish War of Independence.

Afterwards, the family would go on to be granted lands at Philorth and their historic seat at Cairnbulg Castle through marriage in 1375 before being granted further estates through a charter by James VI in the late 16th century around the location of the modern-day town of Fraserburgh – which the clan would found and still takes their name to this day.

Today, the family retain their clan seat at Cairnbulg, just outside of Fraserburgh. The current clan chief is Katharine Fraser, Mistress of Saltoun.

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Translation: ALL MY HOPE IS IN GOD
Crest: On a mount a flourish of strawberries leaved and fractured.
scottish fraser hunting ancient tartan

Fraser Hunting Ancient

scottish fraser hunting modern tartan

Fraser Hunting Modern

scottish fraser old modern tartan

Fraser Old Modern

scottish fraser red ancient tartan

Fraser Red Ancient

scottish fraser red modern tartan

Fraser Red Modern