Grierson Clan

Derived from the popular name ‘Gregor’ during the middle ages, the Grierson family are believed to come from the same roots as the popular Macgregor clan.

The first mention of the Grierson name in Scotland came in 1408 when Gilbert Grierson was mentioned as an armour bearer to the Earl of Douglas.

The clan would be granted lands at Dalgarnock in Dumfriesshire and in 1460 and Vedast Grierson of Lag would build a strong tower there.

By the time of the First World War, however, a lot of these lands had been lost. Despite this, the remains of the Tower of Lag at Dalgarnock still stand to this day.

There continued to be a consistent Grierson clan chief until 2008 when, upon the death of Sir Michael Grierson with no male heir, the line of the chiefship appeared to have become extinct. However, Madam Sarah Grierson of Lag would eventually assume chiefship, the first female to hold the role.


Translation: SAFER BY THIS
Crest: A fetterlock Argent.