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Guthrie Clan

Taking their name from lands of the same name in Angus, the Guthrie clan are one of the oldest families in that region of Scotland.

It is likely that the origin of the Guthrie name can be derived from the Gaelic word, ‘gaothairach’ – meaning ‘windy place’ – and the first mention of the name in Scottish history came in 1178 when King William the Lion granted the lands of Gutherin to the Abbey of Arbroath.

It is believed that the Guthrie clan received the lands in Angus from David II during a charter in 1442 and it is there in 1468 that the clan would build its castle at Guthrie.

The castle would remain in the hands of the Guthrie family until very recently when it was sold, and the clan chief now resides in Italy.

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Translation: I STAND FOR TRUTH
Crest: A dexter arm holding a drawn sword, Proper
scottish guthrie ancient tartan

Guthrie Ancient

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