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Haig Clan

Derived from the Norman name de Haga, the Haig family have retained their lands at Bemersyde in Roxburghshire for over 800 years. If fact, the founder of the clan – Petrus de Haga – was already in control of the territory when his name first appeared in records during the mid-12th century.

The Haigs would enjoy a turbulent history and were staunch supporters of the Scottish cause during the Scottish Wars of Independence. They would later build their clan seat on their lands at Bemersyde in 1535, a building that remains alongside their lands to this day.

The current clan chief is Alexander Douglas Derrick Haig, 3rd Earl Haig.

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Septs: HAIG
Translation: WHAT WILL BE, WILL BE
Crest: A rock, Proper.
scottish roxburgh district tartan

Roxburgh District Tartan