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Haldane Clan

Derived from the Gaelic word eaglais, meaning a church, the Haldane clan first settled at Strathearn in the 12th century.

The clan would go on to fight for Robert the Bruce during the Scottish War of Independence at the start of the 14th century and would be rewarded for their efforts with a charter from Bruce for their lands soon after.

The clan would receive further lands in Lennox and Perthshire in the 16th century and would use Rusky House as their clan seat during this period.

It would be during the 17th century that the current clan seat of Haldane would be constructed at the House of Gleneagles.

The current clan chief of Haldane is Martin Haldane of Gleneagles who assumed the role in 1994.

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Translation: SUFFER
Crest: An eagle's head erased, Or.
scottish graham of menteith ancient tartan

Graham of Menteith Ancient Tartan

scottish graham of menteith modern tartan

Graham of Menteith Modern Tartan