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Kincaid Clan

The Kincaid name is believed to have been territorial in origin with one theory being that comes from ceann-cadha, the Scottish Gaelic for the steep place or pass.

The first reference to the name in Scottish history came in 1238 when King Alexander II granted the lands of Kincade to Maldouen, third Earl of Lennox, and it is the Earls of Lennox that the Kincaid family are said to be descended from.

It is believed that the first family to use the Kincaid name as a surname did so in 1280 and did so after receiving the lands of Kyncade in a charter from the 4th Earl of Lennox.

It was following the late 16th century that the family really began to expand their estates – gaining lands at Craiglockhart, Bantaskin near Falkirk, the Blackness Castle near Linlithgow, and the fields of Warriston.

The principal line of the family would later marry into the Lennox family in the 18th century and it would not be for 200 years until they established themselves as an independent family once more.

This happened in 1959 when Alwyne Cecil Peareth Kincaid-Lennox petitioned the Lord Lyon King of Arms to succeed the coat of arms of his great-great-grandfather, John Kincaid of Kincaid. His petition was granted, and he was recognised as chief of the name of Kincaid by the Lord Lyon King of Arms on 1 July 1959.  Today, the clan chief is Arabella Jane Kincaid Lennox.

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Septs: Kincaid
Translation: THIS I'LL DEFEND
Crest: A triple towered castle argent, masoned Sable, and issuing from the centre towera dexter arm from the shoulder embowed, vested in the proper tartan (of kincaid) and grasping a drawn sword all Proper.
scottish kincaid ancient tartan

Kincaid Ancient