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Lumsden of Blanerne Clan

Named after the Manor of Lumsden in Berwickshire, the land of Lumsden was first recorded in Scottish history in 1098 and the first people to be recorded in possession of it were Gillem and Cren de Lummisden between 1166 and 1182.

The Lumsdens would go on to feature on the Ragman Roll of 1296 – a document in which the Scottish nobility and gentry subscribed allegiance to King Edward I of England as his army advanced north into the country in order to keep their lands – and thereafter maintained their stronghold of Fast Castle, near Coldingham, before moving on to the main stronghold of the clan at Blanerne castle in the 16th century.

In recent times, the House of Lumsden association was founded in 1972 with a major gathering occurring in 1988 at Tillycairn castle – another former Lumsden seat.

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Translation: BEWARE IN TIME
Crest: An earne devouring a Salmon, Proper.
scottish lumsden ancient tartan

Lumsden Ancient Tartan

scottish lumsden modern tartan

Lumsden Modern Tartan