MacLea Clan

Believed to have been derived from the Gaelic ‘Mac an Léigh’ meaning “son of the physician”, the MacLea clan are most associated with the Scottish district of Argyll.

The seat of the MacLea clan is Bachuil on the Isle of Lismore.

The MacLea surname shares a common history and ancestry with the Livingston clan, even sharing the same clan crest, motto, chief and tartans.

The current clan chief is The Much Hon. Niall Livingstone of Bachuil.

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Translation: HILL OF FIRE
Crest: A demi-man representing the figure of Saint Moluag. Proper; his head ensigned of a circle of glory. Or; having about his shoulder a cloak, Vert, holding in it's dexter hand the great staff of Saint Moluag, Proper, and in his sinister hand a cross-crosslet fitchée Azure.
scottish livingstone ancient tartan

Livingston Ancient Tartan

scottish livingstone modern tartan

Livingston Modern Tartan