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Scott Clan

Deriving their name from the Latin Scotti, the word used to describe the Celts of Ireland, the Scotts were first noted in Scottish history in 1120.

The clan would go on to hold lands in the Scottish Borders and the chief family would come to control Dalkeith Palace, one of the clan’s historic seats, in the mid-17th century. It is now Bowhill house that remains under the control of the family after they purchased the property in the 18th century.

The current clan chief of Clan Scott is Richard Scott, 10th Duke of Buccleuch.

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Motto: AMO
Translation: I LOVE
Crest: A stag trippant Proper, attired and unguled Or.
scottish scott green ancient tartan

Scott Green Ancient Tartan

scottish scott green modern tartan

Scott Green Modern Tartan

scottish scott red modern tartan

Scott Red Modern Tartan