Hunter Clan

Believed to have arrived in Scotland with King David I as he marched north to claim the Scottish throne in the 12th century, the Hunter clan would soon settle in North Ayrshire where they would be given the land that would go on to be known as Hunterston.

It would be through a grant in 1374 that these lands would be confirmed to the family by King Robert II in a charter that survives to this day. In the document, William Hunter is instructed that he has been given the land ‘for his faithful service rendered and to be rendered to us in return for a silver penny payable to the Sovereign at Hunterston on the Feast of Pentecost.’

To this day, the Laird of Hunterston, the clan of Chief Hunter, keeps silver pennies minted during the reign of Robert II in case of a royal visit for payment of rent.

The current Hunter clan chief is Lady Pauline Hunter of Hunterston and of that Ilk. She is the 30th Laird and Chief of the clan.

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Septs: Hunter
Crest: A greyhound sejant, Proper; gorged with an antique crown, Or.
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Hunter Ancient

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