Campbell of Argyll

Campbell of Argyll

Crest: A boar's head, fesswise, couped, Or

Motto: Ne Obliviscaris

Translation: Forget Not

Clan Chief: His Grace The Duke of Argyll

Septs: Campbell, Campbell of Argyll, Ure, Torry, Torrie, Tawse, Taweson, Pinkerton, Orr, Ochiltree, Mcvicar, Mcure, Mctause, Mcquaker, Mcphedran, Mcoran, Mconachie, Mcnocaird, Mcniven, Mcliver, Mclehose, Mclaws, Mckissock, Mckessock, Mckessack, Mckerlie, Mckerlich, Mckelvie, Mckellar, Mcisaac, Mcgubbin, Mcglasrich, Mcgibbon, Mcever, Mceur, Mcelvie, Mcellar, Mcdonachie, Mcdermont, Mcdermid, Mccure, Mcconnechy, Mcconchie, Mcconachie, Mccombe, Mccolm, Macvicar, Macure, Mactause, Macquaker, Macphedran, Macoran, Maconachie, Macnocaird, Macniven, Macliver, Maclehose, Maclaws, Mackissock, Mackessock, Mackessack, Mackerlie, Mackerlich, Mackelvie, Mackellar, Macisaac, Macgubbin, Macglasrich, Macgibbon, Macever, Maceur, Macelvie, Macellar, Macdonachie, Macdermont, Macdermid, Maccure, Macconnechy, Macconchie, Macconachie, Maccombe, Maccolm, Lowdon, Lowden, Loudon, Louden, Lorne, Kissock, Kissack, Keller, Kellar, Iverson, Isaacs, Isaac, Hawson, Haws, Hawes, Hastings, Harris, Harres, Fisher, Donaghy, Donachie, Denune, Denoon, Conochie, Connochie, Cattell, Calder, Cadell, Caddell, Burness, Burnes, Barnes, Bannatyne, Ballantyne, Ballantine, CampbellofArgyl, CampbellofArgylle, CambellofArgyle